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Health & Dental Insurance - Get your Quote Today!

Updated: May 30, 2023

Canada Life Health & Dental Insurance - APPLY NOW!
Canada Life - Health & Dental Insurance - Select plans
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Canada Life - Health & Dental Insurance - GAURENTEED plans
Health and Dental Insurance

Freedom to ChooseTM health and dental insurance can help fill the gap between your provincial plan coverage and what you pay.

These plans are great options if:

  1. You’re self-employed or don’t qualify for benefits with your employer, or

  2. You’re close to retiring or losing health care benefits, or

  3. You have no pre-existing medical conditions, or

  4. You have pre-existing medical conditions (Select with assured acceptance only).

You can choose from three plans

  1. Select (offering assured acceptance)

  2. Select plus

  3. Select elite

Each plan offers coverage to suit your needs, including prescription drugs, dental care, vision care and more.


  1. Accidental death, dismemberment and specific loss benefit

  2. Emergency travel medical

  3. Hospital accommodation

  4. Hospital cash (helps with costs while you’re in the hospital)

  5. Major dental services and supplies (Select and Select plus plans only)

Planning that works for YOU!


Source: The Canada Life Assurance Company -

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