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Capesky Insurance and Wealth Management Inc offers group and individual insurance products from the following insurance companies: 

  • Dynamic Funds 

  • Fidelity Investments

  • Mackenzie Investments

  • Peak Benefits Solutions Inc.

We place insurance business and investment directly with:

  • Canada Life Assurance Company

  • Canada Protection Plan

  • Travelance

We place insurance business and investments with the following companies through Financial Horizon Group*, a Managing General Agency (MGA): 

• Assumption Life
• BMO Insurance
• Empire Life
• Equitable Life of Canada
• Desjardins Financial Security
• Industrial Alliance Insurance
• ivari
• Manulife
• Meridian Credit Union
• Sun Life Financial 

*see complete & up-to-date listing of affiliated companies here.

Insurance products, including segregated fund policies, are offered through Capesky Insurance & Wealth Management Inc., and Investment Representative Mike Capesky offers mutual funds and referral arrangements through Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.

We offer certain banking products from the following institutions:

  • Equitable Bank

  • Manulife Bank


No insurer holds an ownership interest in Capesky Insurance and Wealth Management Inc. nor does Capesky Insurance and Wealth Management Inc. hold a significant interest in any insurance company.

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