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BIG Picture - 20 year retrospective

News Headlines are JUST NOISE!

Think Big Picture! Stay the course…

Markets go up. Markets go down. But when you look at the big picture, markets grow over time.

Charting Investment Trends: A 20-Year Retrospective - a fascinating look back on world events and market trends, and how, in spite of temporary ups and downs, it’s clear that markets create wealth-building opportunities for investors over time.

As an investor, do you notice the ups and downs in the short term or the steady rise over time? Regardless of what’s going on in the world, history tells us that markets eventually go up and that it pays to take the long-term view.

Working with an Advisor can keep you ON TRACK! We'll develop a plan that balances your current financial needs & future goals.

Planning that works for YOU!


Source: Jan 2023 @11DWD165_DF_20Year_Retro_Broch_2020_Inv_EN_V1_1_DOP0421 MOE9383

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